Facial Rejuvenation Program
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What is the Doctors Home Face Lift Program?

The Doctors Home Face Lift is a safe, effective, low cost and easy to use facial enhancement program that you can do in the privacy of your own home which uses principles of non-invasive Acupuncture philosophy and principals of Traditional Chinese Cosmetic therapy to create a more youthful looking you.

What is included?

Kit includes: FDA-approved red light, 635 nm Laser Pen; Laserlift collimator; Sanitary disposable tips, 5 of each in two sizes of 2.75 mm. and 4.25 mm; Travel Bag of padded black nylon; Small travel mirror, unbreakable; Step-by-step instruction booklet; Protective Case; 2 AAA batteries; The trial size variety pack of Episilk serums includes one 4mL sample of each of our six premium facial serums. Discover which one or combination works best for you! Also included FREE samples of Healthy Chocolate by Xocai.

How does it work?

It is a combination of thousand-year-old Chinese cosmetic therapy techniques, and modern technology. Doctors Home Face Lift uses a systematized program, which is easy to follow, and a variety of tissue stimulating methods (along with common sense skin care) to increase circulation, stimulate cells, decrease inflammation and promote the revitalization of the whole person, not just the face. Acupuncture principles have been used in China for cosmetic therapy since ancient times and have gained acceptance in the West over the last half century. Millions of women (and men) have benefited from the “youth suspending” effects of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

A host of modalities, such as heat, cold, rocks, needles, pressure instruments and light (especially in the red color band) have been used in Chinese and modern medicine for many years. Doctors Home Face Lift recommends non-invasive modalities, such as acupressure or high quality, modern Low Level Lasers to stimulate specific Acupuncture points and individual skin cells to refresh and revitalize them. Recent studies verify the Low Level Laser’s ability to promote the production of collagen in skin cells, heal wounds in diabetics, decrease inflammation, reduce pain and a host of other beneficial effects.

Doctors Home Face Lift combines the wisdom and efficiency of the past and the present to provide you with a high quality, easy to use system which you will enjoy for years to come.

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Facial Rejuvenation Program

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