Episilk DCL Serum
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Episilk™ DCL serum is an effective combination of hyaluronic acid, Eyeseryl® and Regu®Age designed to hydrate your skin and lighten the appearance of dark eye circles. Soothe, nourish and rejuvenate your skin while restoring the natural skin tone and color under the eyes.

Key Features:

  • Natural, no harmful parabens, spa tested and fragrance free
  • Premium, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid
  • Includes Eyeseryl® and Regu®Age to lighten skin tones and color
  • High quality formula lightens dark eye circles while moisturizing

Directions for use:
After cleansing face, apply under eyes in the morning and evening. For best results, use twice daily. For external use only. Do not use if seal is broken.

Store at room temperature 15 to 25 C (59 to 77F)


Eyeseryl® studies
Testing was done on 20 volunteers and Eyeseryl® was applied twice a day for 60 days. 70% of the volunteers had seen improvements in only 15 days, with 95% reporting improvement by the end of 60 days.

Research results published by Lipotec.


Regu®Age studies
Testing was done on 20 volunteers and Regu®Age was applied twice a day for 8 weeks. The study was performed on a double blind randomized basis.

Research published by Pentapharm.

Eyeseryl® and Regu®Age Technical sheets with more research and complete information.
Repair Dark circles around eyes

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Episilk DCL Serum

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